Sales Policy

Buying a Bunny

    ***Bunnies will not be sold until they are at least 7.5 weeks old.  However, if you are certain you would like a particular bunny that we have listed for sale, please contact me as soon as possible. If you'd like, you can place a deposit on it and I will hold him/her for a reasonable amount of time, or until they are of age to sell.

     ***Cash is preferred for all transactions, but we will accept a check for amounts under $40.  Any payments over $40 will be cash only.

     ***The holding deposit amount is half of the purchase price. For future bunnies, where the price is not yet determined, the deposit amount is $30.

     ***Each bunny sold will come home with a baggie of the rabbit food that I feed.  Mix this bag in with the other food they will be receiving from you to prevent diarrhea from the food change.

     ***We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our bunny to anyone, upon our discretion.

     ***If, for whatever reason, you do not arrive to pick up your bunny at the time agreed on and do not contact us, we reserve the right to repost this bunny available for sale after another 24 hours and not hearing from you.

     ***All bunnies purchased from Sunny Bunnies must retain the prefix 'Sunny's' at the beginning of the name on all professional paperwork and pedigrees.  The second name is optional. 

Disclaimer and Guarantee

    ***I simply cannot guarantee the sex of any bunny under four months of age.  I expect and hope that before you take your bunny from our home that you will check their teeth, legs, sex, and ears.  I try my best to produce superb bunnies and be accurate in their gender, but nobody's perfect.

     ***I guarantee the health of every bunny for one week after they leave my home. If a bunny becomes ill or dies within a week of purchasing him/her from us, please contact me immediately!  You will be refunded or, if possible, I will replace your bunny. My guarantee does not extend past the one week probation.

     ***All bunnies, unless otherwise stated, are purebred.

     ***We do not ship. 

     ***I cannot guarantee the quality of your bunny.  I try my best to be accurate, but cannot guarantee that: your bunny will do well on the show table, produce certain colors, or be fertile.

     ***I am not responsible for any costs that may be acquired for any bunny after it leaves my home.  If your bunny does show signs of illness or any strange behavior within the first week, please contact me and hopefully we will be able to get things sorted out.

Bunny Statuses

Available: this bunny is available for sale.

Pending: someone has shown interest in this bunny and I am awaiting a deposit from them.

Hold: this bunny has been put on hold for the person wanting to buy it; and I have received their deposit.  If the person holding this bunny backs out, their deposit will not be refunded and the bunny will be back up for sale.

Keeping: I will be keeping this bunny as an addition to my herd.

Sold: this bunny has been paid for in full and gone to its new forever home!

 Even when bunnies are sold, sometimes I leave them on the page so visitors can see our previous litters.