1. First and foremost, I give thanks and glory to God. He is so loving and kind. I want to thank Him for giving me the opportunity to raise these bunnies, His creatures, for His glory. He has walked with me continually in the past, guiding me to this point, and I am certain that He will stay with me in the future.
  2. Secondly, I would like to give thanks to Mia of Mama Mia's Hollands  (Lakewood, Colorado) for all the help, advice, and AWESOME bunnies that she has given me. Thank you Mia!!  You are such a help and so kind!  Totally would recommend her rabbitry to anyone!
  3. Third, I would like to give credit to my awesome family.  I am blessed to have caring, loving, fun, helpful, pet-loving, and understanding parents who have the desire to live on a farm and allow me to raise my bunnies.

   Thanks to my dad, for being the wonderful father that he is, to help me whenever needed, whether that means coming outside with me in the middle of a snowstorm or in a difficult algebra problem. :)

   Thanks to my mom, for always being willing and helpful; giving me advice, tips, and suggestions, doting over my babies, and answering the phone when I'm not around!

   Thank you, Shelby, for. . . Everything! For helping to care for my bunnies while I'm gone, for exuberantly helping in the joy of socializing the babies, and for always being the one I can go to for help at anytime.

This Rabbitry is infinitely dedicated to:

God, my heavenly father, for He is the One who has enabled me to raise these precious creatures. 

May I raise these bunnies to Your glory and never forget to turn to You.


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